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Buffet Platters Based On 8 Sharing.

Sandwich Platter Using Premium Fillings On Freshly Baked Bread £17.50

(Sliced Bread Cut Into Triangles, Breadcakes, Baguettes, Ciabattas or Tortilla Wraps).

Homemade Cocktail Sausage rolls £9.90

Homemade Onion Bhajis With A Mint Yogurt £9.90

Large Homemade Scotch Eggs Coated In Panko Breadcrumbs Served With Branston £12.50

Miniature Filo Tarts Filled With Creamy French Brie & Red Onion Marmalade  £9.90

Freshly Baked Quices £12.50

Miniature Chicken Wings With A Variety Of Flavours £9.90

Miniature Pork Pies Served With Pickles And Branston  £9.90

Salad Platter With Boiled Egg And French Dressing £9.90

Freshly Baked Bread Served With Olive Oil And Balsamic Vinegar £7.90

Tortilla Chips With Either Salsa Or Guacamole Dip £9.90

Bowl Of Coleslaw Traditional or Spicy £9.90

Bowl Of Potato Salad £9.90

Mixture Of All Butter Flapjack & Chocolate Chip Brownie £8.50

12 Freshly Made Scones Filled With Fresh Cream And Jam £18.50

New York Style Baked Cheese Cake. Serves 14 £18.50

Carrot Cake. Serves 14 £16.00


Suggested Ideas

*OPTION 1 - £4.50pp

1 Sandwich, 1 Savoury, 1 Cake

*OPTION 2 - £5.65pp

1 Sandwich, 2 Savories & 1 Cake